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Adding Custom Fonts to The Presentation

Adding Custom Fonts to The Presentation

Custom fonts evoke emotions, making them an essential tool for defining your brand. Some fonts may portray traditional aesthetics, others a modern taste and can even give communicate grace and elegance. Brands strategically utilize fonts to help visually define their overall identity. Considering fonts can express a distinct “personality” it’s important to choose one that fits well with the brand and message you want to convey.

One of the easiest ways to improve PowerPoint designs is by playing around with typography. By simply changing up fonts, you can instantly create unique slides. You don’t have to stick with using standard fonts, either. If you really want to dabble in typography, there are plenty of custom fonts to be found online.

Employing your custom font in your presentations can help revitalize your design and define your brand’s aesthetics through your PowerPoint presentation.

Standard fonts like Aerial, Calibri and Times New Roman are installed on practically every system. But other fonts might be missing when you send your presentation to others. Check out this article by DeckRobot where we tell you everything about custom fonts you should know for PowerPoint presentations.


In order to use your brand’s custom font in your presentation, you’ll need to install it on your computer. Go to Control Panel > Fonts, then drag-and-drop or copy-and-paste the fonts into the Fonts Manager. Make sure the files are unzipped before you do.


When using custom fonts, there’s a chance that PowerPoint will replace them if you share the deck with other people. In order to avoid this try embedding the font in the presentation. PowerPoint allows this as long as the font file type is TTF or OTF.

Go to the Tools > Save Options at the bottom of the Save window.#nbsp;

On this window, there's an important box you need to check that's off by default. Check the Embed fonts in the file option. What this does is it included the custom font file when we send and share the file with others.

You can also share the font file itself when you’re sending the deck to others that need to edit your deck. PowerPoint will replace custom fonts with standards ones if you don’t embed the custom font, so this can be a great way to ensure your coworkers are also using the custom font and keeping your brand consistent. Keep your custom font file in an easy-to-find location for when you need to send it out.


This is especially helpful when you want to share your PowerPoint via online hosting without having to embed the custom font. By choosing this option, you can ensure whatever custom font you have used will appear on the audience’s end without worrying if the custom font has been installed.#nbsp;


Much like all the other aspects of your company’s identity, consistency is key to how you present yourself, your brand, and your products or services. Using your brand’s custom font in your PowerPoint templates and presentations is a simple, yet effective way to authentically represent your company no matter who you are presenting to.


With over 500 million users today, PowerPoint is still the favorite presentation software for many people. Just keep in mind:#nbsp; PowerPoint is the tool – great content & delivery are the rules! Not only is PowerPoint a healthier program today, but productivity solutions like DeckRobot increased it's worth many times over.