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Amazing Things You Can Do With PowerPoint

Amazing Things You Can Do With PowerPoint

Everyone knows PowerPoint is the ultimate presentation software around. It’s great for making all sorts of presentations from academic to corporate presentations (and everything in between).

Yes, PowerPoint can do it all and much more. It’s a very powerful and versatile software. In this article, DeckRobot is going to share with you a list of amazing things you can do and create in PowerPoint. Let’s begin!

Create and edit a video

Making a strong impression on the audience during a presentation is paramount as you have just a short time window to capture their attention. That’s why changing slides can be a bit complicated in certain settings, and instead of changing them manually, you can record narration and create your own video. Or, PowerPoint can be used as a video editor. Simply insert the same video on multiple slides, trim the different videos to the parts you want and then export the whole PowerPoint as a new video.

Animate your logo

Your logo is a critical part of your communication. So putting it in the corner of your slides is not the best idea. Your logo or brand should be displayed front and center at the start of your presentation and well animated to convey the essence of your brand. Logo animation is essentially taking a ‘static’ logo, breaking it into parts, and having those parts animate together – breathing new life into the idea of logo design, and giving your digital brand toolkit more punch than ever before! This technique is still relatively under-used and so all brands who embrace it have the opportunity to benefit from an instant edge in their market. Also, motion is attention-grabbing. When people see something move, their eyes are drawn to it. This kind of visual appeal, in a digital world full of noise and distractions, could be exactly what you need to grab and hold the attention of your customers.

Add live translation to your slides

Another amazing solution that PowerPoint suggests to its users to make attention-grabbing presentations is the option to make live translations of the slides. You can transcribe your words as you present and display them on-screen as captions in the same language you are speaking, or as subtitles translated to another language. Imagine speaking in one language and live translating to another langue whilst presenting – your audience will definitely love it!#nbsp;

Create Info-graphics

Still using bullet points? It’s the right time to be bulletproof! We recommend replacing the bullets with beautiful infographics. However, infographics are unique products that need a careful review of all of the options and a long time polishing. To save you time, DeckRobot offers you automation techniques for making better infographics (and not only) for your presentations.

Tip: theDeckRobot plugin is an easy PowerPoint plugin for users that helps to reduce manual work while preparing Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. Using the plugin allows you to save up to 40% of your working time. The plugin helps you to create appealing presentations that match the company brand book guidelines with a focus on the quality of the content. Users can easily adjust all the visual elements in each slide of their presentation like fixing headers, footers, background, logo, font, color pallet according to the chosen corporate guidelines. Maintain consistency by aligning any complex object on the slide or even adapt any icon that you like to the corporate-approved format and much more.


This article would take an infinite scroll if we were to list all the amazing things you can do with PowerPoint. Besides everything you can also create visual resumes, business cards, checklists, make logos, photo collages, and much more. We at DeckRobot hope you’ve enjoyed this overview and that it impacts your next presentations.