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DeckRobot: AI-Powered Tool to Make Enterprise Slides

DeckRobot: AI-Powered Tool to Make Enterprise Slides

If there’s one thing that most business people need, then that’s probably something that will help them in making better presentations. Your sales and productivity depend on how well you communicate with your clients and your colleagues. The company presentation plays a crucial role in helping you secure a bond with your clients. Presenting complex information in an easy-to-digest format isn't easy.

Utilizing the power of technology is a great way to bring your business ideas into the 21st century. The longer you continue using outdated tools and marketing methods for your company, the harder you will find it to reach the desired success.

Recently, several companies have already been working on this issue, using technology to replicate the expertise of a human designer and build more compelling slide decks. Can a machine design a better slide deck than you can? DeckRobot’s answer is yes and here is why!

What’s the problem?

Ever wondered what causes office employees to spend long hours of time on slide decks or PowerPoint presentations?

The reason is obvious: PowerPoint is very complex software for slide making. However, it is undeniable that Microsoft is an absolute monopolist in this field. People got used to it and accepted the pain of using PowerPoint. Losing many hours of their precious time when working with the software has become a normal thing in their work life. In the Forbes article DeckRobot CEO, Tony Urban reveals interesting facts about the average time people spend on creating presentations and the advantage of using the DeckRobot plugin. According to him: “Office employees spend around 30-60 min to design a new slide and 15-30 min for a basic clean up of one ready slide. Our users at large Enterprises make over twenty slides a month. That's a colossal waste for hundreds of millions of PowerPoint users working in corporations worldwide!

What’s the solution?

The answer is simple: DeckRobot!

We used thousands of real PowerPoint slides to train our AI general model to adapt to the style of each client we land.

Using the plugin allows our clients to save up to 40% of their working time. Our users at large enterprise companies are now able to create appealing presentations that match their company’s brand book guidelines with a focus on quality, in a matter of a few clicks. Thus, AI algorithms turn hours of PowerPoint polishing into several minutes.

We are aggressively implementing our solution among these divisions, as well as several other industries. Our prices make the product unavailable for the b2c market so far although we are working on a more extended coverage.


While machine-learning slide design may still be in its infancy, DeckRobot is already on its clear path laying a solid foundation for simplifying life and automating the daily routine of many people at large corporations. Sure, human intervention is still necessary, but DeckRobot’s automation techniques have already saved plenty of time on what’s often a tedious process.