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Enrich Your Business Presentation Skills With These Tips

Enrich Your Business Presentation Skills With These Tips

Good presentation skills are within everyone's reach. For many people, if not most, presenting can be a daunting and unpleasant experience.

However, according to one survey, 70 percent of respondents said presentation skills are key to career success. Improving presentation skills is not just about communicating information better. You also need to be able to create interest and excitement in your subject and trust and enthusiasm in you.

Looking to create a more dynamic interactive presentation or boost your public speaking skills? Consider these strategies DeckRobot lists below to enhance your presentation skills.

Prepare to present

The key to a successful business presentation is preparation. First of all, you#nbsp; have to find out everything you can about your audience's interests and needs from your presentation. This gives you a solid foundation upon which you can build. The thought and research time you spend weeks in advance of the meeting once you understand your audience's needs is what going to help you out. Think about who your audience is and what you want them to get out of a good presentation. Think about content and style. If you video yourself get someone else to evaluate your performance and highlight your best skills; you will find it very difficult to be objective about those skills yourself.

Set your presentation in an attention-gaining manner

Start your business presentation with a startling fact, a question, a revelation, or a pertinent story. Make your presentation a conversation with your audience. They may not actually say anything, but make them feel consulted, questioned, challenged, argued with; then they will stay awake and attentive. One of your best presentation skills is the ability to stimulate your audience into wanting to get more of the information you have, not just to present that information to them. Engage with your present audience, not the one you have prepared for. Look for reactions to your ideas and respond to their signals. Use your excitement, pace yourself to give an exciting presentation, use something you know you feel strongly about to build up to an important point, or as a springboard to another idea.

Know how to use visual aids

Unless you need to illustrate key points, the use of visuals and PowerPoint presentations that provide bullet points of your spoken words is boring. Luckily for you, it’s entirely possible to make a persuasive presentation without using any aids. In most instances though, and depending on the subject matter, it’s advisable to use visual aids. Remember, your audience is central to your presentation. Your goal is to make it easier for them to consume whatever it is you’re presenting. Visual aids go a long way to helping you achieve this. The skill with visual aids is to use them to give a big picture quickly. Graphics, pictures, cartoons bar charts, etc; you can then use words to elaborate. Slides with words on are of limited value. If you seem to have a lot you may find you are showing your audience your speaker notes!

Tip: With the help of DeckRobot, you can create impressive company presentations, full of dynamism and creativity. Whether working as a team or sharing the results with clients and colleagues, the automation techniques will help you achieve results in less time, enhance your brand image, slide consistency, and build trust with your clients. Thus you will have more time to prepare and develop your own presentation style.

Dealing with presentation nerves

A certain amount of nervousness is vital for a good presentation. It is always good to have the extra energy to communicate. However, try to focus on the fact that the presentation is about the message and not you, which might take off some of the pressure.

Developing a presentation style

Your most useful presentation skills are the skills you already have. Use any personal gestures or vocal inflections to your advantage. It's very hard to change the way you express yourself. More powerful presentations are ones where you actually put the energy into the presentation. However, you can also join a presentation class or workshop. Try to find professionals who will teach you how to communicate with clarity and conviction, structure presentations for better outcomes, and engage participation and interaction.


Strong presentation skills are a valuable asset to have in your locker. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a career professional, these skills can open multiple doors for you. Now, with these tips, you now know what to do to enhance your presentation skills. All the best and keep reading our blog for more tips and hacks!