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Google Slides vs PowerPoint

Google Slides vs PowerPoint

Are you trying to figure out which presentation program to go with? Or which one of the 2 presentation software is better for your presentations? Between Google Slides vs PowerPoint, it can be hard deciphering the differences between each one -- especially if you’re short on time.

That is why, in this guide, DeckRobot is going to compare the 2 popular presentation tools to help you choose the best for creating and editing presentations.

What is Google Slides?

Google Slides is a free presentation software included in the Google Drive service. Google Slides is just as easy to use as PowerPoint, plus, it also gives you the ability to collaborate from wherever you and your team members are in the world.

You’ll also score the following features while using Slides:

-The ability to embed videos and use animations

-26 themes to choose from this time

-Automatic save feature so every change is recorded without you having to press the save button

-A revision history that shows you when changes were made, plus the ability to restore to older versions

-Compatibility with PowerPoint presentations; you can also save Slide presentations as PowerPoint files

-Compatibility with PowerPoint presentations; you can also save Slide presentations as PowerPoint files

What is Microsoft PowerPoint?

Microsoft PowerPoint is a professional tool for making presentations that has been around for decades. It's got a number of features that make it a powerful presentation tool. Microsoft released its first version of PowerPoint in 1990.

The downloadable desktop app for Microsoft PowerPoint works seamlessly on both Mac OS and PC with Windows and comes with the beloved and popular Microsoft toolbar.

PowerPoint, along with Slides, comes stacked with your basic presentation options, such as the ability to:

-Add text, images, videos, and hyperlinks to your slides

-Choose from hundreds of font options

-Use basic transitions (8 to choose from) and animations (37)

-Start with or customize one of their pre-built themes

-Include Excel charts

-Automatically proofread

-Print to PDF

Specific standout features of Powerpoint include:

-PowerPoint Designer, which lets you use impressive cinematic transitions.

-Broadcast Live, which lets you share your slideshow presentation in real-time with anyone who has access to the show. This means you can present to a larger audience and spread your message even further.

-Presenter View, which lets you project your slideshow to a second screen. See your speaker notes as well as the current and upcoming slide in this view. This is especially helpful when you’re presenting your slideshow in person and you don’t want to be stuck fumbling through paper index cards.

But, buyer beware, the PowerPoint Designer is a premium feature that’s only part of Microsoft 365 (the paid subscription service of Microsoft Office) and Broadcast Live is only available in the online version.

So what’s our top pick when it comes to comparing features?

It depends on your needs!

When it comes to features, it really depends on what your team needs and your budget. However, PowerPoint supports an add-in feature which is great if you want to add custom commands or custom features to your project. In other words, if you want to spice your presentations up with some quizzes, polls and more this is a great solution. Speaking of add-ins it would be a shame not to mention the DeckRobot plugin. DeckRobot reduces manual work while preparing Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. Using the plugin allows you to save up to 40% of your working time. The plugin helps you to create appealing Enterprise- level presentations that match the company brand book guidelines with a focus on the quality of the content. Users can easily adjust all the visual elements in each slide of their presentation like fixing headers, footers, background, logo, font, color pallet according to the chosen corporate guidelines.